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For small projects, I find the SCRUM methodology an excellent guideline on how to survive the day to day chaos of any given software project. The daily meeting keeps everyone informed with the progress of the project and allows a maximum transparency between the members of the team.

Code reviews are another indispensable tool of the DevLead. In order to avoid surprises at the end of the iteration, I regularly organize code reviews. This is especially important at the beginning of the development. Errors made in the beginning will haunt you down until the end of the project!

Visual Studio Team SystemTM finally provides us with the tools to optimally manage the† lifecycle. Finally we have an integrated environment to track all phases of the development life cycle. Development, testing, bug tracking, source control and release management† are finally all integrated in one environment. Project managers can get the maximum out of reporting to know the status of the project at any time.

I cannot stress it enough. Test before you ship it! In my opinion, unit tests should be a mandatory part of any software project. It will cost you a little bit more to implement them, but you will get your return on investment as soon as the regression begins. And why stop at unit testing? Stress tests are equally important. If you donít stress test, problems tied to user load will mostly only occur once your application is in production.



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