Sven De Baets (A pragmatic programmer)



I often use some of the extreme programming techniques to get information across and improve communication. Some of the things I couldn’t do without are stand-up meetings and pair programming. These short meetings really help you to keep your project on track. Pair programming gets the other members of your team involved and gets them up to speed as fast as possible.

I believe that at the end of an iteration we consultants need to sit down and think about the things we realized. Is the implementation well documented? Do we need to provide extra training to make other developers familiar with the internals of our code? Yes we do! Source code is not static. Others will need to maintain your code long after you left the project. A good consultant will make sure that his code is clear enough so others can maintain it. I believe that it is worth the investment to take the time for these knowledge transfers. If the other members of your team do not understand your code they will drop it and start over.


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